Warranty Policy

FLEETLOGIC Co is a quality product manufacturer and expects minimal warranty claims from its clients. Though we Endeavor to ensure the highest quality possible, a small percentage of component failure and assembly issues are expected. Our aim is for 100% quality control at all times.

To ensure our clients have confidence in our products, we offer the following warranty policy.

Our Warranty Period:

We offer a generous warranty period of 24 months from the invoiced date of sale.

What does Warranty cover:

The warranty covers all electronic and accessory products baring the FLEETLOGIC or TRACKnTAG branding. Warranty means… repair or replacement of a product, at the digression of FLEETLOGIC Co.

Our Warranty Policies are as follows:

  1. For failures caused during the manufacture process, we will follow the manufacturing procedures to carry out thorough cleaning, testing, calibration, repair and restoration to factory parameters.
  2. The approximate time for warranty is 10 working days (Normally from the date when device is delivered to our service). It doesn’t include weekend, holiday and delivery time.
  3. For any products which need to be replaced, FLEETLOGIC Co will replace them with products of the same make and model.
  4. Repair or replacement does not mean that the warranty period is extended past the original warranty date.

The warranty range does not include the following:

  1. Replacement of batteries, wires, scratched enclosures, packaging, manuals and so on;
  2. Parts classified under normal wear and tear;
  3. Failures caused by physical damage, improper operation, unauthorized changes to the product, or attempt to repair, or other natural or manmade disasters;
  4. Including but not limited to:
    • Product performance affected by fouling
      Liquid leakage and foreign materials in or on the product
      • Broken plastic parts (including external and internal)
      • Product performance affected by insufficient charged battery
      • Improper operation
      • Products are opened without authorization
      • Products are repaired without authorization
      • Burned or melted products or parts
      • Products are used under abnormal situation
      • Natural damages.
  5. Non-Repair work, such as but not limited to upgrading software or protocol, upgrading program and configuration that have not been supplied or approved by FLEETLOGIC Co.

Delivery Cost Policy for Return to Factory Repair items:

  1. For DOA products (Dead On Arrival), FLEETLOGIC Co will bare all transport costs, and freely replace the products.
  2. Defective within the warranty period: buyer and seller bare the transport cost on a 50/50 basis. Buyer prepays delivery cost and FLEETLOGIC Co bares return cost.
  3. Ineffective items outside the warranty period: buyers bare the full two-way delivery cost as well as any repair and or replacement cost.

Return to Factory Repair Procedures:

Requirements and issues for Return for Factory Repair:

  1. The client contacts the FLEETLOGIC Co Customer Service team by email [email protected] to discuss issue with product.
  2. The Customer support team will decide the validity of the warranty claim and supply the client with an RA (Return Authority). The return authority will give all details of where the goods are to be transported to.
  3. The client returns the goods to the service centre as instructed on the RA.
  4. Any item being returned for warranty must be well packed to ensure protection against damage. FLEETLOGIC Co will not be responsible for damage experienced during transport to the service centre.
  5. We will contact the client to confirm received quantity and status of the items.
  6. Goods arriving without an RA will be rejected.
  7. As with all things, policies are set to protect the supplier and client…. but …. repairs and or replacement of products outside the above policy may be granted based on the circumstances of the individual claim. Any consideration given will not be deemed as grounds for precedence.