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Case Study 2: Upgrading 2G Telematics to 3G Telematics For Bulk Carrier Client

Company – General bulk carrier
Head Office – Melbourne/Sydney/Brisbane Australia
Position – Director (Gavin)
Subject – Transition from 2G to 3G
Date – 12th November 2016

Telstra’s decision to close the 2G-cell network in Australia meant that we had to replace 35 GPS tracking units in our fleet of prime movers. No matter who we asked, we received the same answer… “3G trackers are much dearer than 2G, because most of the world still has 2G networks, and manufacturers target the larger populations, where Australia is a very small market”. 

We spoke with a new supplier ‘X’ who is more in tune with the needs of transport operators, and they suggested the FLEETLOGIOC MINDER 3.0, as it was an advanced tracking unit with a modest price tag. We trialed a units in one of our K104’s, and we were immediately impressed with the improvement in technology over our previous 2G units. The accuracy, Cell range, FMI connection with our Garmin unit and the range of sensors & alarms were outstanding. 

We are please to say that all 35 prime movers now have the same unit fitted, and all utilize the FMI interface that allows us to communicate with the driver from the tracking platform, instead of SMS and voice calls.

We even send locations to the Garmin for the driver to navigate to his next pickup point. Though the move to 3G required a modest investment from our company, the improved experience was well worth the transition. We take our hats off to the team at FLEETLOGIC, this is a truly quality units. 

Note: All names withheld for privacy and security reasons