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Trailer Tracking

Trailer Tracking is a relatively easy solution to achieve when simple location details are required every 1, 3, 6, 12 or even 24-hour intervals. This is know as a Beacon approach, and is only used when clients want to see where a particular asset is at set intervals.

Most GPS tracker providers are limited to providing this solution due to power management inabilities. In today’s busy transport and logistics industry, it is common for the transport company, warehouse or 3rd party logistics company to own the trailer asset with there livery displayed on it, and to use tow operators to haul the trailer. Trailer tracking allows the owner to track the asset remotely from the tow operator. This is important for areas such as:

• Asset management and security
• Load monitoring
• Fleet management
• Fatigue management
• Vehicle maintenance management
• Scheduled servicing
• Distance traveled analysis

At FLEETLOGIC Co we have spent several years perfecting true power management from Lithium Ion batteries, DC and solar charging mediums. This successful development and testing has allowed us to offer our clients a full tracking solution that works in the same way as an in-vehicle GPS tracking system. We confidently offer our clients:

Live Tracking

• We can offer user defined message intervals as low as every 30 seconds, 500 metres or direction changes as low as 15 degree. This allows the live track of a trailer to be seen.
• Sleep/Deep Sleep after 5 minutes of no movement being detected.
• Movement detection delay of 1 – 30 seconds for wake mode. This allows for vehicle loading without the tracker waking from sleep. This saves data and battery capacity.
• The Relative Odometer allows for an accurate account of distance traveled, which is far superior to a trailer Hubodometer. This achieved by calculating the distance traveled every second, and sending the total distance with each scheduled message to the server.
• Advanced 3G communications module coupled with a GPS / Glonass module for accuracy.
• Communications protocol that offers a Handshake sign in to server, which limits the amount of data sent in subsequent messages.
• Message data including Time | Date | Satellite Count | HDOP | Lon | Lat | Alt | Direction | Speed | Battery Capacity | plus a wide range of status codes and alarms.
• Superior power management with either stand alone Solar charging, Dc Charging, or combination of Solar and DC power management.
• Variable mounting solutions with screws, pot magnets, or Sikaflex where the trailer roof is aluminium, which cannot have any mechanical or magnetic fixings.
• Low profile structure of 27mm, which ensures maximum trailer heights are not exceeded.
• IP68 enclosure for total protection from moisture ingress.
• Total size of 200mm x 200mm
• Total weight less than 1000grams
• Flat base design to disperse weight evenly
• All 4 sides are tapered to easily deflect low hanging objects
• Tamper proofing, where any interference will be visually identified.
• Strong PC/ABS material with wall 3mm structure for added strength

Our solution for trailer tracking is truly unique, and will make an excellent addition to any companies GPS tracking solution.