Australia - Hong Kong - Philippines

TRACKnTAG Dealerships and Franchises

TRACKnTAG is an end-to-end solution that includes the entire range of products and services developed by FLEETLOGIC Co as an easily deploy tracking solution. This ensures that the dealers and franchise holders can supply the solution to their clients with the comfort of knowing it offers:

  • Global standard products
  • Designed and rigorously tested in Australia to ensure that it meets a set of unique climate and telecommunications challenges similar to those found in most countries globally.
  • Tamperproof/evident design incorporated in all case designs
  • Software that is based on a world-renowned leader in the field. Over 1,500,000 connected
  • Full 2-year warranty on all hardware
  • Local support network for all dealers and franchises
  • Strong Asia Pacific company group with offices in Australia, Hong Kong and Philippines

The TRACKnTAG product range offers dealers and franchises access to a true end-to-end solution, including:

  • GPS Tracking Hardware(3G, Next G & 4G compliance)
  • Tough Phones(3G, Next G & 4G compliance)
  • GPS Tracking Software(World renowned PC & Mobile based User Interfaces)
  • Global SIM Cards and Data(suitable for most countries)
  • In-Vehicle DVR/Camera Systems(SD, HDD or SSD storage)
  • A Range of Android Apps(Track you staff with Android phones using our apps)
  • Equipment Maintenance Management Systems(Compliant with the rules of NHVAS)


  • Garmin Products (Fleet 7xx series, Dezl, reverse cameras & dash cams)

All products are rigorously tested for a minimum of 12 months with a network of testing clients before they receive the tick of approval for manufacture and distribution to our dealers and franchises. This principle ensures we deliver strong products that will meet the clients demands and reduces the possibility of failure and warranty claims.

Being Asia Pacific based, our 3 offices have access to varied testing environments, including vast differences in cell network standards. To ensure we offer the best performance, we use global leading components from manufacturers such as Telit, Ublox and ST.

We released the TRACKnTAG range of products and service because we believe it is the best fit solution for our dealers and franchises who mainly focus on clients within the Transport, Mining, Vehicle Hire, Taxi & Limousine industries.

FLEETLOGIC co have 2 defined products brands, those being FLEETLOGIC & TRACKnTAG. The FLEETLOGIC Product brand name is our Enterprise solution that best suits clients who require customised hardware and software solutions.

In broad terms TRACKnTAG represents 2 defined processes:

TRACK is our Software solutions for receiving, managing and monitoring information received from their hardware products such as GPS Trackers, Garmin Fleet apps, Smart Phone Tracking & Fleet Maintenance Management Apps.

TAG is our range of GPS Hardware and Apps. This includes GPS Trackers, Tough Phones, In-vehicle DVR & Camera Systems, Garmin Fleet 7xxx Apps, Smart Phone and Fleet Maintenance Management Apps.

The founder and CEO of FLEETLOGIC Co ‘Allen Little’ established FLEETLOGIC Co in Australia in early 2009 after 30 years in various executive roles in the Express Freight Transport sector. His career spaned all facets of transport from Sales Executive through to National Operations Manager. It was evident to Allen that the GPS Tracking and Vehicle Maintenance Management offering in the market were designed and developed by those with little knowledge of what the operator actually needed. Instead most offerings were designed around perception only, and that perception limited the tools available to the operator to manage his/her business, staff and assets.

Since 2009, FLEETLOGIC Co has grown from a Sydney based Company to now an Asian Pacific group of 3 companies in Australia, Hong Kong and Philippines.

The focus of FLEETLOGIC Co with the TRACKnTAG brand is to develop 2 defined markets, which include a dealership network, and a franchise network.


The initial focus with building a dealership network will be done in Australia, and using the same model we will expand that globally based on enquiry and demand. Australia was chosen to establish the dealership network because there is a real need for this type of solution.

A dealer is a company or individual that already has an established business that would benefit from adding a GPS tracking solution to the businesses overall offering to its clients.  Dealers are offer full support and training, but sole geographic rights are not included.

To view and example of a dealership website, and how it would suit your business, please take the opportunity to view one of our dealer’s website at

We welcome your enquiry by email at [email protected]


The initial focus with building a franchise network will be done in the Philippines, and using the same model we will expand that globally based on enquiry and demand. The Philippines was chosen to establish the dealership network because of our office location there, and to afford budding entrepreneurs the ability to establish a business using a ready made solution that comes completed with branding, advertisement, franchise website, and a small amount of consignment stock to reduce the initial capital required. It is our way of allowing people the opportunity to get started without being limited by the lack of initial capital.

A franchise owner is an individual, partnership or group of people who are looking for a standalone business structure to enter the business world with. Each franchise will be given license rights to the TRACKnTAG name for SEC registration (i.e. TRACKnTAG – Angeles City). This will be subject to a legal agreement that will be managed by our Philippines based company Attorney to ensure it meets all legal requirements for the Philippine Government. This means that the franchise owner will be the sole franchise in that city or overall island. 

A full set of office/vehicle corporate branding (signage), stationary, email addresses, business cards and initial consignment stock will be provided by FLEETLOGIC Co, so the same brand awareness is displayed at all franchise sites. Training will be conducted at our Angeles City office, which is easily accessible for all thanks to the Clark international Airport and Cebu pacific flights in and out of that airport.

If this sounds like you, then please take the time to email your initial enquiry to our sales team at [email protected] and they will happily assist. The Franchise structure will be ready for release in early 2019, so early registration of your details will ensure you will be included for initial discussions.