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Our GPS tracking software solutions are based on a world-renowned platform that has over 3,000,000 units online at any given time. We offer our suite of:
TRACK II – Web based user interface
TRACK II – Android and iOS app based user interfaces
TAG II – Android tracking software
ME II – Equipment maintenance management systems

Our focus is on the tracking and management fleet assets and people. This focus has been fined tuned over the years to allow you the ability to manage your assets and staff in a way that enhances your business, rather than crowd you with tools that are designed from an IT boffins point of view about what they feel you need.

Please contact our sales team at [email protected] so they can introduce you to the benefits of our tracking system as an end to end Solution.

Feel free to test the software at and clicking on the Demo Login text. You will quickly see how advanced yet user friendly our software is.

Download our mobile app today from Google Play or the Apple App Store by searching for TRACK II.

Ask our friendly staff to show you the benefits of the mobile app for remote management and tracking of your assets and staff.

This is a simple no fuss app that allows you full mobility and tracking access without needing to sit in front of your PC.
All you need is to establish an account with our team for access to our TRACKnTAG monitoring system. Simplicity at its best.

We are a true end to end solution provider, and welcome enquiries from end users, resellers and franchises wishing to gain access to our Hardware & Software solutions. Come join our growing group today, and experience what a true solution provider should offer their clients.