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TAG II allows you to turn an Android phone in to a GPS tracker, and allows
you to track the activities of your family, friends, staff and mobile workforce
using the TRACKnTAG tracking platform.
TAG II has been released by FLEETLOGIC Co., Limited). It is the updated
version of our original app ‘TRACKnTAG’, which offers better battery
management and extended features.
The app has been designed to work with the TRACKnTAG tracking platform and the TRACK II mobile app that can be found on
Google Play and the App Store, as well as Wialon
with all commands, alarms and sensors being fully supported.
The app works in the same manner as a GPS Tracker, including:
1. Track by time, distance & veer in both moving and stopped modes.
2. Sleep & Deep Sleep options for battery savings
It also allows for 20 Work Status Tags to be set up, so your workforce
can advise you of changes in activities.
The app requires a QR Code for its settings, so please contact
[email protected] for your personalised QR code to be generated by our team
free of charge.
We offer this as a free app for all users of the TRACKnTAG & Wialon tracking
platforms and offer a white paper version for other companies
that want to use it with their own tracking platforms.

Feel free to test the software at and clicking on the Demo Login text. You will quickly see how advanced yet user friendly our software is.

Download the app today from Google Play by searching
for TAG II.

Ask our friendly staff for your own QR code with your own
customised settings

This is a simple no fuss app that allows you to regain control of where your staff and remote workers are without the need for in-vehicle hardware to be installed.

All you need is to establish an account with our team for access to our TRACKnTAG monitoring system.

Simplicity at its best.