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MINDER has been designed with the price conscious Fleet Manager in mind. This robust little unit offers many of the features of higher priced units, and has been rigorously tested within the road transport industry to ensure it will deliver on its promise as a reliable and affordable unit. FLEETLOGIC leads the way by offering stable and reliable units, with high quality components and multiple firmware options.

Industry level MCU offering ULTRA LOW
Power consumption uA levels
Complete device consumption in:
Deep Sleep                             10mA
Stand By                                 50mA
Message Sending                  150mA (Maximum Amps)

Quectel 4G
Frequencies                    All Global frequencies
(Ask for full Module specs)
SIM Form                        Nano
Transmit protocols        TCP/UDP
TAG Protocols                 Provides a full even list that covers
the varied needs of the Fleet Industry

blox Max 8 with all GNSS compatibility (72-channel 8 Engine)
Sensitivity                                Tracking 167 dBm
Cold starts 148 dBm
Hot starts 157 dBm
Position accuracy                    2.0m CEP
Acquisition                               Cold starts 26s
Aided starts 2s
Hot starts 1s

Power Supply                         DC 9 – 45V
Battery                                     800mA, Li-Polymer, 3.7V
Micro USB                               For Firmware updates, Configuration
and Log capture. (No USB drivers needed)
Black Box                                 16MB Flash for data logging in Cell
black spot areas
Real Time Clock                       On-board real time clock with battery
backup for date/time accuracy
Motion Sensor                           3 Axis accelerometer for movement detection
Digital Inputs                             3 in total. 1 IGN, 1 Positive, 1 Negative
Digital Outputs                          2 relay triggers for Fuel cut or other uses
Analog Input                              1 Voltage level detection
1-Wire                                           For Temperature sensor (with 3.3V & GND)


5 Operating ScenariosRelative Odometer
Tamper Resistant Enclosure
Engine Idle Time
Auto Geofence
Handshake & Heartbeat
Track by Distance/Time/Veer
Driving Behaviour
20 Alarms Codes
OTA firmware / Configuration

Firmware Options