GPS Tracking

Our management team come from the Road Express Transport, GPS Manufacturing & IT Industries, which affords us the knowledge of what our clients need. Our CEO come from a 30 year management background in Australian Road Express and Road Transport Compliance industries , which affords him a strong understanding of the obstacles and challenges faced by the industry we service.

Compliance Services

Our services are designed as a strong no frills approach to GPS Tracking & CoR Compliance, which ensures our clients are not distracted from the basic management functions required to lead productive transport companies. Our compliance services are designed to ensure that the transport operations are able to function freely without unnecessary paperwork and overpowering systems. We are here to offer the tools to manage Compliance and Tracking, not to change your business with processes for the sake of having processes.

TRACKnTAG offers In-Vehicle Trackers, Mobile phone/scanner tracking Apps, with our main product range focussed on Trailer Tracking. Trailer tracking is an area that is becoming more and more in demand in todays transport industry, with many transport and logistic companies choosing to own the trailing asset with sub-contractor haulage towing. Likewise the Trailer Hire industry have an increasing market need for trailer hire for transport and logistic companies. Being able to monitor the movements of trailers including speed monitoring is a much needed service with Speed & Tampering compliance.