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FLEETLOGIC is a PC and Mobile App based GPS tracking system. When released,it will be compatible with all PC, OS, Android and IOS devices making it user friendly and cost efficient. Get in touch with us today to discuss our GPS tracking solutions.

With one of our GPS tracking devices installed, our tracking system will provide the visibility that our clients need to assist with their decision-making process. Scroll down for more images of our work.

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FLEETLOGIC Co delivers high end GPS tracking technology that is reshaping the industry globally. Let our GPS tracking system and products help you achieve your goals and objectives.

We are confident that the FLEETLOGIC GPS tracking technology will be the solutions to your business problems. Explore our site today and view our cost effective and hassle-free offering for your industry! Send us a message for enquiries.

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Any industries dealing with vehicles, mining, rentals, logistics and more have encountered issues where GPS tracking can help. Perhaps this already exists within your business and you just needs the right solution provider.

Sure, we understand that you may have lots of questions, so start by checking out the snapshots of our work where we provide support, installation and technical service for our clients. Contact us today to discuss our various GPS tracking devices.


Our GPS tracking technology is expertly delivered with quality and precision. Industry that needs management tools like ours should consider FLEETLOGIC GPS tracking products. Do you have such a need?

Manage your business proactively using our GPS tracking system. Manage your staff duty-readiness through phone terminal or tracking system software.


All FLEETLOGIC GPS tracking products are based on quality components, design and rigorous testing. We are confident that our product offering will add value to your business. Let us help you reduce your costs by firstly establishing a quality hardware base to work from.

Secure your business and reduce cost by using our GPS tracking system. Contact us for a one on one discussion on how we can help your business today.


Things That GPS Can Do For You

Do you have questions about FLEETOGIC GPS tracking technology?

We offer great deals for commercial or government fleets of trucks, taxis, limousines, mining, earthmoving and more. Engage with us and we will happily discuss the benefit of using FLEETLOGIC Co GPS products. Please feel free to explore our website and read more about FLEETLOGIC GPS tracking devices.

We offer you the below bullet points on where we feel we can help you achieve the management control you seek.


Gain complete control over your business. Streamline cost and drive profits. Reduce unnecessary expenses.


Improve billing or invoicing accuracy. Accuracy on time of arrival for fleets or rentals.


Real time visibility on your vehicle, fleet, taxis, limousines and more. Manage fleet-wide speed policy, ETAs and more.


Managed diverse assets, equipment and machinery in one GPS tracking system.


Greatly impact fleet activity and deliver tangible results. Increased your hard-earned profits.


From monitoring people down to vehicle, FLEETLOGIC is flexible and adaptable.

  • % Of Industry Requires GPS Survey
  • % Of GPS Tracker Providers Globally
  • % Of Our Demand

In today’s fast paced and increasing world of technology, a GPS tracker is a game-changer. This technology has been proven invaluable in reacting to an evolving landscape. We had gathered data from last two years of survey about the demand, percentage, and need of an industry that needs GPS tracking device.

This includes industry sectors like trucks, trailers, fleet rentals, logistics, warehousing, taxis and limousines, mining and more. The survey doesn’t include families that wants to protect their children through GPS tracking. At FLEETLOGIC Co, we use our GPS tracking device system to help make the world a smaller place and bridge the gap between your business, your employees and your assets.

General Bulk Carrier

Telstra’s decision to close the 2G-cell network in Australia meant that we had to replace 35 GPS tracking units in our fleet of prime movers. No matter who we asked, we received the same answer… “3G trackers are much dearer than 2G, because most of the world still has 2G networks, and manufacturers target the larger populations, where Australia is a very small market”.


National Express Freight Carrier
National Systems Co-coordinator

My company had what I felt was a unique issue, and that was trying to monitor a fleet of 97 sub contract PU&D, Courier and Taxi truck drivers in vehicles ranging from 1 ton to 14 ton operating within the Sydney Metro region and lower Blue Mountains.