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Case Study 1: FLEETLOGIC V3 Tough Phone Helps Express Freight Carrier Client

Company – National Express Freight Carrier
Location – Sydney Australia
Position – National Systems Co-coordinator (Matthew)
Subject – Tracking Sub Contract Metro Fleet
Date – 15th January 2017

My company had what I felt was a unique issue, and that was trying to monitor My company had what I felt was a unique issue, and that was trying to monitor a fleet of 97 sub contract PU&D, Courier and Taxi truck drivers in vehicles ranging from 1 ton to 14 ton operating within the Sydney Metro region and lower Blue Mountains.

For many years I felt that my company had over compensated with the number of sub contractors we required to ensure all our express deliveries were done by the end of each day, and that all the pick-ups were done and returned to the depot same day.

I contacted our local GPS tracking provider ‘X’, who I knew had been a transport operator in his previous career, and that he would surely understand our issue. Luck had it that his company is also a reseller of the FLEETLOGIC range of products. I explained that my company was not willing to commit the capital to install GPS trackers in sub contract vehicles, and that we needed a solution that would allow for flexibility.

We were offered a solution that I had never thought of, and that was to purchase FLEETLOGIC V3 Tough phones, and use a tracking app that they also provided ‘TRACK n TAG’. I was sceptical to begin with, but I agreed to test 6 units for 1 month to see what we could achieve.

After the first week of testing, the results were outstanding, and we could actually start to see where time was being wasted because of poor run structuring and several vehicles passing the same locations multiple times on any given day.

After the 4 week trial was over, my company made the decision to use the same technology nationally, and placed an order for 300 + phones from the FLEETLOGIC reseller.

Today we have full visibility of where our fleet of sub contractors is, and we are able to better plan run structures based on the tracking information. We have reduced our fleet size by just over 12.5%, and improved the productivity of the remaining fleet. This is something that we thought was not possible.

We recommend the combination of the V3 Tough Phone and the TRACK n TAG app to any company that is managing a fleet of sub contractors. These are truly remarkable management tool.

Note: All names withheld for privacy and security reasons