TRACKnTAG Dealerships and Franchises

TRACKnTAG is an end-to-end solution that includes the entire range of products and services developed by FLEETLOGIC Co as an easily deploy tracking solution. This ensures that the dealers and franchise holders can supply the solution to their clients with the comfort of knowing it offers:

  • Global standard products
  • Designed and rigorously tested in Australia to ensure that it meets a set of unique climate and telecommunications challenges similar to those found in most countries globally.
  • Tamperproof/evident design incorporated in all case designs
  • Software that is based on a world-renowned leader in the field. Over 1,500,000 connected
  • Full 2-year warranty on all hardware
  • Local support network for all dealers and franchises
  • Strong Asia Pacific company group with offices in Australia, Hong Kong and Philippines

Garmin Authorised Partner

In Australia, FLEETLOGIC Co has been developing various solutions for the original Garmin Fleet 660/670 range of Android navigation units for several years. We are now developing software and app solutions to suit the exciting new range of Fleet 770/780/790 units.

The new range of Fleet 770/780/790 units are industry leaders, and afford the Authorised Partners feature rich navigation units design specifically for trucking. Being an Android based OS, our software development team are ready to assist you to bring your in-vehicle requirement to fruition, which will allow you to utilise this exciting 7” architecture unit for solutions such as:

  • Use the unit as a GPS tracker using our TAG II app
  • Route optimisation based on delivery and pickup data
  • Sign on glass delivery signature capture
  • Image capture converted in to text searchable tiff images
  • Driving behaviour utilising the in-built dashcam
  • Pre-departure check and Fault Reporting
  • Driver logbook for timekeeping and rest break
  • The list of achievable options is limitless

The management of the FLEETLOGIC development team is based in Australia, with support staff based in the Philippines.

Contact our sales team to explore the options available at [email protected]



Our main industry focus is with the below groups. If your business operates in one of these industry groups, we encourage you to contact us, so we can discuss your needs, and help take your business to another level.

A completed solution that help manage your freight, vehicle and staff movements. 


Know your staff’s safety & productivity with GPS tracker, DVR & camera systems. 


From In-vehicle Trackers to Self-Powered Trailer Trackers, we’ve got you covered. 


We offer a solution from Tracking Apps to API feed to/from your software  


The reputation of GPS Tracking products, devices, and system depends on customer recommendation and reviews. With FLEETLOGIC GPS tracking device, many companies already use our products and services, and enjoy great service from order to delivery. We engage with our customers to ensure that we understand their needs fully and look for areas where we can improve our offerings to supply them with what they need for their business or personal use.

We ensure that our GPS tracking devices and system provide the tools and data that our customers need to gain affordable high-quality results, regardless of the industry they operate within. We pride ourselves on the strength of our customer service and listen closely to our client’s observations and guidance.

The FLEETLOGIC GPS Tracking system will provide detailed reports that will help you manage your business. It will help you manage your fleet, vehicles, assets, freight, and more with various built in user-defined metrics that will give you an insight on your vehicle and driver’s behaviour. In this way, the FLEETLOGIC GPS tracking system will significantly contribute to and improve your business operations.

Contact our sales team to learn how the FLEETLOGIC GPS tracking solution will assist you to track vehicle location, manage your driver’s behaviour, monitor speed and idle time, manage vehicle maintenance, generate reports and integrate though an API feed to/from your own software systems. If your business relies on a mobile workforce of drivers and a fleet of vehicles, it is crucial and beneficial to get the best GPS tracking solutions to instantly organize your operation at peak efficiency and maximize your competitive edge. Our Tracking platform will be released in Q4 of this year.

The range of FLEETLOGIC branded products have been designed and tested in Australia and manufactured in Asia. Our manufacturing process for GPS trackers is designed to deliver a strong and reliable product with customizable firmware solutions for clients worldwide.

By designing and testing in Australia, we exposed our developed solutions to some of the harshest conditions that are seen anywhere in the world. Australia can have 4 seasonal changes in any given day and it also has a sparse cellular network that offers its own unique set of challenges for GPS designers and manufacturers.



trailer tracking
07 Mar: Trailer Tracking

Trailer Tracking is a relatively easy solution to achieve when simple location details are required every 1, 3, 6, 12 or even 24-hour intervals. This is know as a Beacon approach, and is only used when clients want to see where a particular asset is at set intervals.

General Bulk Carrier

Telstra’s decision to close the 2G-cell network in Australia meant that we had to replace 35 GPS tracking units in our fleet of prime movers. No matter who we asked, we received the same answer… “3G trackers are much dearer than 2G, because most of the world still has 2G networks, and manufacturers target the larger populations, where Australia is a very small market”.


National Express Freight Carrier
National Systems Co-coordinator

My company had what I felt was a unique issue, and that was trying to monitor a fleet of 97 sub contract PU&D, Courier and Taxi truck drivers in vehicles ranging from 1 ton to 14 ton operating within the Sydney Metro region and lower Blue Mountains.




Administration, Research, Design & Testing of Hardware & Software products



Development, Prototyping, Firmware design, plus Manufacture & assembly until 2019


Angeles City

Sales & Marketing, plus Manufacture & Assembly as of 2019